GotCourts becomes Main Partner Technology of Swiss Tennis

Press release, Biel, 3. October 2019

GotCourts becomes Main Partner Technology of Swiss Tennis

The SportsTech startup GotCourts and Swiss Tennis are now joining forces. In the future, GotCourts will offer its comprehensive platform in Switzerland as a strategic partner of Swiss Tennis. The partnership is intended to bring together the entire Swiss tennis community on a digital level.

Digitisation is also a serious issue in tennis. To do justice to this, the young technology start-up GotCourts and the Swiss Tennis Association Swiss Tennis have been joining forces since 1 October 2019. With their digitisation strategy and the further development of the Swiss tennis community, the two partners are pursuing the same goals and intend to unite all relevant stakeholders on a digital platform as part of their partnership. The cooperation between Swiss Tennis and GotCourts is a logical consequence of the previous efforts of the two partners: Swiss Tennis as the umbrella organisation of Swiss tennis with around 900 member clubs and centres and GotCourts, which already unites over 160,000 racket athletes and 350 clubs on its platform of the same name, are both leaders in their field.

Increased capacity utilisation and simplified access

The cornerstones of the platform are easy access to tennis courts, communication between the various players and attractive content for the tennis community. In addition, the platform can reach more people interested in tennis - even those who have not yet had access. In the course of the partnership, the already existing digital platform will be supplemented with further functionalities in the sense of Swiss tennis, so that all players in tennis will benefit: Clubs, centres, players, coaches, regional associations and sponsors. In particular, the aim is to enable interested clubs to increase the occupancy rate of their courts. On the other hand, access to playing facilities is to be made easier for the half million tennis players in Switzerland.

"The cooperation between Swiss Tennis and GotCourts is a milestone in the digitisation of Swiss tennis. With the GotCourts platform, we can specifically cover the needs of the tennis community. Together we can promote tennis in Switzerland," says Swiss Tennis President René Stammbach happily.

Diego Seitz, CEO of GotCourts, adds: "The strategic partnership with Swiss Tennis is an important recognition of our vision to unite all tennis players on one digital platform. Together with Swiss Tennis, we will make GotCourts even bigger and better for the tennis community".

Strategic addition to the Swiss Tennis offering

One of the focal points of Swiss Tennis as a promoter and service provider for the entire Swiss tennis community is the targeted expansion and further development of digital services for its members. With the new strategic partnership, Swiss Tennis meets the requirements of an increasing digitalisation in sport on the one hand and on the other hand enables facility operators to easily increase their capacity utilisation and to enlarge their customer base by means of the latest technology.

About Swiss Tennis

Swiss Tennis is the third largest Swiss sports federation with almost 900 member clubs/centers, almost 162,000 active club members, including over 51,000 licensed tennis players. As a national umbrella organisation, Swiss Tennis promotes tennis for everyone and across all levels and is the central service provider and contact for the entire tennis community. Swiss Tennis is committed to the sustainable promotion of tennis at all levels - from young talent in the Kids Tennis High School to (re-)beginners, regional and national cadres, from popular sports to top-class sport. With professional services and attractive competition formats, Swiss Tennis promotes fun and enthusiasm in tennis and the exchange among tennis enthusiasts. Swiss Tennis is a member of Swiss Olympic, Tennis Europe and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

About GotCourts

GotCourts is a young technology company that offers a revolutionary marketplace on the platform of the same name that brings together racket athletes, clubs and trainers. It is the first platform that covers all the player's needs from a single source. In addition, GotCourts offers a comprehensive course management system for courses or clubs and an opportunity to present oneself to the entire marketplace. GotCourts is growing and already unites over 160,000 racket athletes and 350 sports facilities in eight countries.

Media contacts:

Swiss Tennis: Sandra Pérez, Communication, T 41 32 344 07 63, E-Mail

GotCourts: Diego Seitz, CEO, T 41 76 376 01 81, E-Mail