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Padel is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. In Switzerland, this trending sport is also experiencing rapid growth rates and offers great opportunities for everyone involved.

Would you like to find out what opportunities padel offers for your facility or club? Together with our highly professional partners, GotCourts offers you a 360-degree service around padel. We help you evaluate, build, manage, activate and market your padel project. 

Whether you are currently in the idea stage or have already submitted the building application, we can support you! Contact us now for a free-of-charge consultation to find out more.

Free consultation

Padel Consultation

The purchase and construction of a padel court is an ambitious project. GotCourts and its experienced padel specialists will advise you from day 1. We will share best practices, explain the best way to proceed and help you with any open questions.

Areas of expertise

  • - Evaluation 
  • - Planning
  • - Project design
  • - Permits
  • - Financing
  • - Realization

Padel Court Building

GotCourts is independent and works with the leading manufacturers of padel courts. We will be happy to send you a quote with the best possible price performance for your needs.

Areas of expertise

  • - Padel architects
  • - Project visualization
  • - Court construction
  • - Instant padel courts
  • - Roofing

Marketplace & Player Network

With around 300,000 racket sports players, GotCourts is the largest player network in the DACH region. Increase your club's occupancy and revenue with our powerful online booking platform and user-friendly app.

Venue Automation

Automate your lighting, heating and access control, as well as blinds and other areas. Thanks to our partnerships with renowned automation companies, our partner clubs work more efficiently and have lower energy costs.

In addition, through state-of-the-art camera technology, we offer the ability to provide your players with the streaming and automatically generated highlights. Take your facility to a whole new level and offer unique opportunities to all players.

Venue Automation

Your padel courts are up and running and you wonder how to bring more life into your venue? We would be pleased to share success stories from our partner clubs and support you on your way.

We will advise you on how to build a community and show you how to activate your facility through events, tournaments and padel academy. In addition, we give you access to our pool of professional padel players for events and show matches at your club.

Still not sure whether padel is the right thing for you?

Check out the Global Padel Report from Playtomic and Monitor Deloitte. This report provides a comprehensive and global overview of how padel has become the fastest growing ball sport in history.

Key findings

  • - Growth and projections for padel courts
  • - Penetration of courts: Padel vs Tennis
  • - Average rental price of padel courts
  • - Insights into player behavior
  • - Global trends and conclusions


Download the report