You’ll find almost all padel courts in our apps

You can find over 50 padel courts in about 30 clubs and centers in Switzerland on Playtomic/GotCourts. The fun factor in padel is enormous, the sport is easy to learn and very social, because you usually play with three other players. Why are you waiting? Try padel on your own. With our GotCourts and Playtomic app you can find nearby padel courts, book them and play this great sport together with friends, but you can also find new buddies.

Find padel courts on GotCourts

All following steps are summarized in this Video (starts playing after you logged into your GotCourts app).


Step 1

Download the GotCourts app:


Step 2

Login or create your account.


Step 3

Click on the menu symbol (three stripes) in the upper left corner.

Step 4

Click on “courts”.

Step 5

Switch the sport to “Padel” in the upper right corner.

Step 6

Search for available courts according to your desired day and time.



Find padel courts on Playtomic

On Playtomic, there are even more available padel courts in Switzerland! All following steps are summarized in this short Video.

Step 1

Download the Playtomic app!


Step 2

Login or create an account.


Step 3

Click on “book a court”.

Step 4

Choose “Padel” and your desired location.

Step 5

Thereafter, choose your desired day and time.

Step 6

Once you’ve found a club with available padel courts, click on it and choose the start time, court and desired duration for your reservation. 

Step 7

On Playtomic, you can either pay for the full price of the reservation (just like in GotCourts) - given that the club allows you to, or you can split your payment directly with the other players. They are going to have to pay no later than 2 hours after your reservation starts, otherwise you’ll be charged. Finally, select your payment method and pay - now your court is booked.

Step 8

You can share the reservation with your friends, for example on Whatsapp, and invite them to join you!

Step 9

As an alternative, you can also add other players yourself just like on GotCourts.



Have you been searching in our apps for padel courts but you haven’t found any in your region? Would you be interested in starting your own padel project or would you like gathering information about a padel project in your tennis club? We will be happy to advise you. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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