How to: Activities

What are activities? 

Activities are a way to find new opponents. Anyone can use this function by either registering for activities or creating activities themselves. This is also an ideal way to directly find game partners for a specific day or time. 

Whether you create your own activities or join the activities of others, singles, doubles or social, everyone will find something here!


Activities function

Click on "Activities" in the menu and take a look at events that have already been created and for which you can register. You can also create your own events. 

This is how it works
1. open the GotCourts app
2. click on "Activities" in the menu. Here you will find upcoming events. 

Create an event yourself
3. click on the plus "+" in the top right corner
4. complete the various points such as date & time, game type, short description etc.
5. share your activity in your network


Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3: