GCL Tennis Meet & Play

You want to play a lot of GotCourts League matches in a short time? Then the GCL Tennis Meet & Play Events are just the thing for you. Meet & Play events can be created anywhere and by anyone. You too can be a Meet & Play Captain! We will explain how it works in this blog.


Function "Activities"
In the GotCourts app, there is a feature called "Activities". With this function, play opportunities can be created. No matter if for 2 persons or for groups. Everyone can use this feature by either subscribing to activities or creating activities themselves. Click on "Activities" in the menu and have a look at already created events you can sign up for. You can also create such events yourself.


How it works
1. open the GotCourts app
2. click on "Activities" in the menu. Here you will find upcoming events. 
Create an event yourself
3. click on the plus "+" in the upper right corner
4. add the different points like date & time, game type, short description etc.
5. share your activity in your network


Role Meet & Play Captain

•    Book seats
•    Create activity
•    Share activity in your network
•    Coordinate participants
•    Collect & coordinate on site
•    Get to play for free

You want to organize GCL Tennis Meet & Play events and still have questions? Then get in touch with us.


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Number of players 6
Number of courts 2 at 2h each


15' Warm-up with all players. Per court 2 against 1.
The first game is played with the first 4 players. Two players watch. Once the first game is over, the inactive players immediately begin their game. When the second game is over, one player stays in the game and one of the
players from the first game joins in. When the third game is over, one player stays again and the waiting player joins him/her. The last game takes place between the two players who have had only one game so far.

 Court 1Court 2
18.15-18.45A vs. BC vs. D
18.45-19.15E vs. FA vs. C
19.15-20.00B vs. ED vs. F


We asked Florian, one of our organizers what motivates him and how he perceives the events:


"I have fun being involved in tennis and I can also make new social contacts. The participants are very grateful for the organization, motivated and enjoy the game. The events are a complete success!"

Florian Kaufmann
Organisator GCL Tennis Meet & Play