This is new in the GotCourts League 2024

To make the GotCourts League 2024 even more attractive, the GotCourts team has used the winter break to implement a few changes. Here you can find information about all the changes this season.


Adjusted Season Schedule

This year, the GotCourts League 2024 season will again be divided into two phases.  As in previous years, we will play a Regular Season and a Final Season.

- Regular Season: Friday, 29 March to Sunday, 15 September
- Final Season: Monday, 16 September to Sunday, 20 October

During the Regular Seasons, the aim is for participants to play as much as possible to improve their rating and meet new people. In the final season, the focus is then on qualifying for the big final tournament. 

The ten best-ranked players in each league at the defined deadline at the end of the season still qualify for the final tournament.


Adjusted League Allocation

During the regular season, not only is the rating value recalculated after a match result is entered, but the league allocation is now also recalculated immediately. The league allocation is recalculated continuously after each recorded match result or each change in a player's GCL rating. At the end of the regular season, a final categorisation or league allocation takes place. The players play the entire final season and the final tournament in the league assigned at that time.

The final season begins at this point. In the final season, the league allocation remains fixed and players can only move up and down within the allocated league in the event of rating changes. In this phase there are only rating value changes, no league changes.


GCL League System

We have made slight adjustments to the GCL rating thresholds, which are relevant for the allocation of players to the seven leagues. The new threshold values for the division of the strength classes are intended to ensure that the numerical distribution of league participants is more even across all leagues.

The following leagues are differentiated with the corresponding GCL rating limits:

League 1Grand SlammerFrom 1735 points
League 2Master Hitter1645 - 1734.99 points
League 3Rising Star1570 - 1644.99 points
League 4Counterpuncher1510 - 1569.99 points
League 5Top Spinner1425 - 1509.99 points
League 6Baseliner1340 - 1424.99 points
League 7MoonballerLess than 1340 points


Unlimited off-network matches

Good news for all those who do not have a club or facility that is in the GotCourts network near them! As of this year, there is no longer an off-network match limit.  You can play a GotCourts League match on any tennis court - as often as you like. These matches will still be called "off-network matches". In order for them to count for the league, they must be entered manually by the players in the GotCourts app as before.

Here you can find out how to book a GotCourts League Match correctly.


GotCourts League Rating - Here we go again!

Frequent play will be rewarded more
Every player receives 2 additional activity points for their GotCourts League rating for every match played. These are independent of the points you receive for a win or a loss. The activity points are credited after a match result has been confirmed.
Loss of points for inactivity
One of the aims of the GotCourts League is to promote the game of tennis. At least four matches should be played per month. In this way, a loss of points due to inactivity can be avoided. A deduction of 2 points is made for each match missed. A maximum of 8 points per month can be forfeited due to inactivity. The calculation takes place at the end of each month. 
Same opponent
You can play for points against the same player several times. The following limits apply during a season: Only the first four matches played are fully included in the rating calculation. From the fifth match onwards, it is no longer possible to win or lose match points against the same player. Only the two activity points are credited for both players.