GotCourts League - Define your skill level

In the long term, the GotCourts League Rating will be a fairly accurate reflection of the players' playing strength. The more matches someone has played, the more accurately the calculated rating corresponds to the playing strength of the player. In addition to the rating, there are other ways to indicate your playing strength. 

Your playing strength is an important reference for your potential playing partners. We recommend that you enter as realistic a reflection as possible of your true skill level into the system when rating your own level. In this way you can avoid large differences in level when you meet new playing partners. Below you will find two options for setting your playing strength in GotCourts.

Go to your user account (step 1, 2 and 3). Now you are back in your user account. This time, instead of clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner, scroll down and click on "Settings" (step 4). Now proceed to step number 5:

Step 5: Click on "Update skill".

Step 6: Click on the " Enter your national level " bar.

Here you have two options: 

Option 1: Enter your national level (step 7). You can do this if you have a Swiss Tennis license (automatic link to your Swiss Tennis ranking) or if you are able to estimate your playing strength according to the Swiss Tennis classification (optional manual entry of your classification).  
You can find your license number by searching for your name here.

Option 2: If you don't have an official classification/level, your country is not listed or you don't know which classification corresponds to your level, go back to step 8 and click on "Don't have an official level or your country is not listed" instead of "Choose your level".

Step 9: Here you can select an ITN number (International Tennis Number) that best describes your level. ATTENTION: Do not overestimate your ITN number. Use the official translation table, which you can download here. It will help you to classify yourself correctly. During the season, keep in mind what your opponents' skill levels are and adjust your skill level if necessary.

Learn here how to set up your preferences so you don't miss important GotCourts League information.