Connecting players and supporting their passion for the sport

Graphic of the GotCourts team hard at work and dreaming of their passion for racket sports

GotCourts is a revolutionary social network for racket sports players and an online service for booking courts and coaches. It’s the first platform to provide everything a player needs in a single network. Whether you want to find a partner or a coach, book a court nearby, compete for a place on our leaderboards or simply track your progress, GotCourts is your go-to "virtual global club". For court facilities and clubs, we offer a capable court management system and a platform to engage with the racket sport community.

Since we started in 2014, we have grown rapidly in Switzerland and are now scaling internationally. GotCourts already connects 120,000 racket sports enthusiasts and supports their passion for the sport.

Meet the team behind the vision

Portrait of Diego Seitz GotCourts CEO
Diego Seitz
Portrait of GotCourts CTO Cédric Escher
Cédric Escher
Francis Larkin
Francis Larkin
Marketing Manager
Portrait of GotCourts Business Development Manager Thomas Stehle
Thomas Stehle
Business Development
Portrait of GotCourts Mobile Developer Jaromil Adami
Jaromil Adami
Mobile Developer
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez
Mobile Developer
Martin Bažík
Martin Bažík
Backend Developer
Portrait of GotCourts Designer Juraj Ivan
Juraj Ivan
Product Designer
Fabian Gschwend
Fabian Gschwend
Business Development Intern
Happiness Manager

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