About Us

How it all started

The origins of the GotCourts project started almost four years ago. At that time, Radan Dabetic, Reto Sigl and Thierry Barbey, some truly enthusiastic competition tennis players, came up with the idea of a new online reservation system for tennis clubs and tennis centres. Shortly after, they launched the first version of the product, which at that time was still known as MYtins. Potential users showed a keen interest right from the start. Various tennis clubs - especially in the cantons of Zurich and Aargau (Switzerland) - were inspired by the compelling enthusiasm of the creative instigators of this innovative system.

GotCourts today

Since then the project has grown steadily. Last year it was introduced in professional circles. MYtins then became GotCourts and what started off as a hobby project by the three tennis players turned into a limited company with its headquarters in Schlieren (Zurich). Now around 15 people from the most diverse sectors and with different workloads are employed by GotCourts AG, which is run by Dabetic and Barbey. Today, the company is leading the way in Switzerland in the development and operation of software applications for tennis centres and tennis clubs.

Our vision

Our society has changed rapidly in recent years; it is becoming ever more fast-paced and diverse, and continuously presents us with new challenges. This is not least due to the technological advances that the digital age has brought. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the future. Time is therefore an ever more precious commodity that we are reluctant to spend on administrative work. At the same time we see increased demands on mobility and flexibility in everyday life – not just in the professional world, but also when it comes to recreational activities.

Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, the game of tennis, in fact all racquet sports, have not gone unscathed. But very little has been done about it in recent years. That is where GotCourts comes in. In a survey, GotCourts asked 20,000 tennis players and numerous tennis clubs and centres, how they ideally envisaged playing tennis. The results were evaluated and the vision of GotCourts has emerged from the needs and desires of the players, clubs and centres: GotCourts users should make accessing tennis, and other racquet sports, as simple as possible so that people will play more overall.

Our Team

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