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When you register with GotCourts, you can find out where you can play tennis in your area and book a court right away with just a few clicks - no matter where you are.

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Thanks to the GotCourts players network you can find new playing partners of your age and playing capabilities with the greatest of ease or arrange an appointment with an opponent for a fun match.

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Get the cool app for free and organize your tennis game easy on the go. Search for available courts and book them, invite your friends to join you and inform or even find new playmates to play with you - all that and more you can do with your GotCourts app for your iPhone and Android phone. Get the app right now!

What people say about GotCourts

  • "I was sceptical at first when GotCourts was installed in my club. But the system has proven its weight in gold, because it has been easy to use right from the start - and I'm not a computer geek."

  • "I am out on the courts much more often ever since I started using GotCourts, because it has never been so easy to find a suitable playing partner."

  • "GotCourts is a great platform, it makes it really easy for me to stay in touch with my tennis colleagues and arrange dates to play tennis at different clubs."

  • Daniel Roth,
    General manager
  • Denise Zwald,
  • Lionel Fend,